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Penomet Premium Review 2020

Penomet Savings in 2020

Penomet Premium was £339 is NOW £197
Penomet Extra was £188 is NOW £137
Penomet Standard was £109 is NOW £89

Do You Really Need a Penis Pump?

There are many different reasons why you may be considering a penis pump that are personal to the individual.

    • Stronger Erections
    • Erectile Dysfunction Issues
    • To Increase Length of Penis
    • To Increase Girth of Penis
    • Improve Erection Quality
    • Premature Ejaculation Symptoms
    • Surgery Free Penis Enlargement
    • Drug Free Penis Enlargement
    • Extending the Duration of Erections

Why Buy Penomet?

 Penomet Worldwide Claims

    • Stronger erections and more satisfying sex
    • Real visible difference in the first 15 minutes
    • Boosts your Self Confidence
    • Amazing One Year Money Back Guarantee
    • Straightens Slightly Bent Penises
    • After only ONE session your penis will be noticeably bigger, thicker and heavier
    • Individuals can gain between 1-3 inches in length with a 30% increase in thickness
    • Scientifically proven to increase penis size

Does Penomet Really Work?

I’ts unique 2 part design consists of a large cylinder and five detachable coloured gaiters, unlike comparison pumps which only have one permanently fixed gaiter. More Details Here

The visible enlargement you see when using the Penomet for the first time, is only temporary and lasts up to a couple of hours, although you will see what can be achieved.
You should see a visible increase in length and girth in as little as 6 to 12 weeks of continued use.

For optimum and permanent results you need to use the pump in the bath or shower for 15 minutes a day, five days a week at first, then maybe a few times a week to retain the length and girth you have acquired.
Although I say permanent results, bear in mind if you were to discontinue using the pump for some time, your penis would gradually start to return to it’s former size, so a penis pump requires long term commitment.
There is no accurate time scale to increase your size permanently, because of course everybody has different starting points and needs.

Men have been using Penomet successfully for a few years now with outstanding results, but it’s because they are consistent and determined to achieve their desired Goal.

With continued use, growth can be up to 1-3 inches in length with a 30% increase in girth.

Penomet Gaiters

penomet-gaiters-The five interchangeable coloured gaiters create different pressures, which gradually increase your penis size. Each of the different coloured Penomet gaiters, produces a different pressure force so you can choose from five different “settings” simply by alternating the gaiters you use.

Begin with the lower Purple  gaiter first (force 60) then Blue (force 65) then Black (force 70).
The Grey (force 75) and especially the Red (force 80) gaiter are more powerful and have the strongest suction, so it is recommended to use them in the later months of the programme.
The Black gaiter is fine if you decide to choose just the standard Penomet, which has one detachable gaiter, although if you decided you wanted to get even bigger you can purchase the other gaiters at a later date, which would obviously cost more in the long run.

Penomet comes in three different packages… Premium, Extra and Standard

Penomet Premium WAS £339 is NOW £197
– Version 3.0 Penomet Pump
– All Five Gaiters, Force 60 (Purple) Force 65 (Blue) Force 70 (Black) Force 75 (Grey) and Extreme Force 80 (Red)
– Digital Exercise Guide Handbook
– Comfort Strap, for use in Shower (Penomet Premium Only)
– Printed Instructional Booklet
– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
– Discreet Shipping, Packaging and Billing
– 3 Year Warranty

Penomet Extra WAS £188 is NOW £137
– Version 3.0 Penomet Pump
– 3 Gaiters, Force 65 (Blue) 70 (Black) & 75 (Grey)
– Digital Exercise Guide Handbook
– Printed Instructional Booklet
– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
– Discreet Shipping, Packaging and Billing
– 3 Year Warranty

Penomet Standard WAS £109 is NOW £89
– Version 3.0 Penomet Pump
– 1 Gaiter, Force 70 (black)
– Digital Exercise Guide Handbook
– Printed Instructional Booklet
– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
– Discreet Shipping, Packaging and Billing
– 3 Year Warranty

How To Use The Penomet Pump

penomet coloured pumps 2It is quick and easy to impliment during your daily shower, although you will need practise as a beginner. Attach the gaiter to the main cylinder, fill the cylinder with water, insert your penis and press the gaiter close to your groin. Slowly pump the cylinder to expel any air trapped in the water, this creates the pressure vacuum. Your penis will gradually become erect as the blood flow increases.

To release the pressure or remove the pump, slowly and gently press the valve to the side at the end of the cylinder.

As a beginner start slowly and condition your penis to become accustomed to the pressure, 3 minutes on then 3 minutes off, then 3 minutes on again and 3 minutes off. Relax and re- pump every few minutes for up to 10 – 20 minutes.
If you have erection issues, using the pump will assist with your erection while visibly increasing your size.

This simple to follow Penomet exercise program involves alternating a different coloured gaiter for 15-30 minutes a day, five days a week, over a 10 week time scale.

The actual cylinder, comes in a choice of six colours, Clear, Blue, Green, Pink, Violet and Orange and has a printed measurement guide in both inches and centimeters so you can keep track of your results

Is Penomet Safe to Use?

Penomet is backed by more than two years of real-life testing on 1000 men before it was released for general sale.

I’ts unique 2 part design consists of a large cylinder and detachable gaiters, unlike comparison pumps which only have one permanently fixed gaiter. The five interchangeable coloured gaiters have different pressures, which gradually increase your penis size.

You cannot hurt yourself if you use common sense. Don’t continue pumping for more than the stated time, as to much to fast will mean you will have to stop using the pump for a while, hindering your success. Excessive or prolonged use during each session will not make things happen faster and may even cause harm as over-enthusiastic pumping can burst blood vessels and form blisters.

With any penis exercise we recommend that if you at any time feel discomfort that you lower either the time you use the device, or change to a lower gaiter setting/routine.

For much more comfortable results it should be used with water (to provide equal volume and pressure within the cylinder) so makes it ideal to implement in your daily shower or bath. The warm water also helps you to relax and loosen up in preparation for the exercises. How Penomet Works

Every component has been designed with the highest level of precision and safety to create a comfortable and effective Penomet Certificatesexperience, including use of non toxic materials and manufactured under medical device standards. It has a CE marking, meeting the requirements of EU legislation, the only penis pump in existence which meets the compliance, plus SGS and ISO Certifications. ISO stands for “International Organization for Standardization”, an organisation responsible for ensuring that services and products are reliable, safe and of good quality.

Penomet is an innovative new penis pump, utilizing an interchangeable gaiter system like no other on the market. It’s five unique coloured gaiters, allow you to increase the pressure for effective enlargement, gradually safely and comfortably.

Penomet FAQ

I strongly advise you to visit the FAQ section so you are aware of questions you may not have thought of like:

How long does delivery take?
Is it suitable for Peyronies disease?
How does the money back guarantee work?

Check out the frequently asked questions. Penomet FAQ Section

Should you Buy Penomet?

If you are still considering buying a penis pump I thoroughly recommend Penomet as the best pump to buy. Premium quality is important and with over two years of testing on over 1000 male subjects before general release, Penomet has become a firm favourite and the best new water penis pump, available to date.

From a Female Perspective, “it’s not what you got, it’s how you use it.” but to be honest it is not necessary the length of the penis, it’s the girth that creates more sensation for women because you are stimulating all the nerves endings inside the walls of the vagina. Your girth will definitely gain if you use the penomet consistently and over time.

Thank you for reading my Penomet Review I hope you found it useful…. Tom Jones